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Dexter & Kona

Pit Bull Terrier / Labrador Retriever / Mixed • Female

Kona (white with brown patches) & Dexter (brown with white nose) are a bonded duo with so much love to give. They were adopted by one person from two rescues about 6 years ago in Houston. Dexter came into rescue (which no longer exists) as a severe cruelty case and we don’t know the full story, only the horrific scars, and disfigured jaw prove he was brutally beaten and/or attacked. Kona was rescued as a puppy by Scout’s Honor.

Recently, the Joplin, MO, animal shelter called because Kona had a Scout’s Honor microchip and she and Dexter were left there because the family stated “they were moving.” We had an amazing volunteer pick them up in a private plane and get them back to Houston. Both are being fostered, and we believe, need to be adopted together.

Unfortunately, they don’t appear to have been well cared for. Both are under weight and show signs of abuse. Kona is fearful and flinches with any sudden hand movements or objects. Dexter runs to be next to her every time she is scared. And she licks the scarred side of his face as a coping mechanism.

Despite what we can only imagine was a horrible life, they are incredibly loving and will give kisses all day. They are both crate and house trained – never had one accident in the house. They thrive on a regular routine – food, short walks, a little training, and lots of love…then long naps.

Kona is fearful in general…she shakes when she hears loud noises or sudden movements and runs to hide in her crate. Her foster family is working on her confidence. Dexter is a goofy boy with a crooked, beautiful face. Although he loves to play, he has moments of deep contemplation and will sit and look at the trees or gaze into the eyes of his foster parents with full gratitude. He takes a few minutes to warm up to new people and will trust those who give him time and space. Both have soulful eyes and clearly grateful to move on to a new life.

They adore their foster family, which consists of parents and two human children – ages 6 & 9. Dexter is believed to be between 8 and 9 years old, but so full of life that you would never guess he’s senior. Kona is about 7.

As of now, Kona and Dexter have not met their furry foster siblings. Since they are so scared, the foster family will take introductions very slow, but since they love each other, we believe they can live in a home with other dogs…cats are not recommended as Dexter has high prey drive.

If you want to learn more about this lovable duo, contact their foster mom at or 713.447.6935 or