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Husky / Labrador Retriever / Mixed • Male • Young
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Meet Crewe. We met Crewe up at BARC where he was being held separately from the other dogs due to his being injured. He walked a bit stooped over and with a limp. We took him out of BARC and to our emergency vet to be looked at. The vets could tell that he had a broken leg and pelvis and had some other prior injures that had healed some. Based on his injuries, it was clear that he needed to see a specialist. We then took him to see our orthopedic specialist at Gulf Coast Vet Specialists. Upon examination, he determined that Crewe's injuries could be fixed, but it would take a fairly involved surgery. We went ahead and had the surgery done on Crewe. The surgery lasted 6 hours and was successful. Despite the nature of his injuries and the surgery he underwent, he was trying to walk on his bad leg only a day after surgery. He is a tough boy and should recover well!
Crewe is a very sweet dog and loves everyone he meets. He also has gotten along with every dog he has met. Crewe is a younger dog and is probably only 2 years old. He looks to be some type of Lab/Husky mix and weighs around 65 pounds or so. His most striking feature is his eyes which are two different colors (one blue, one brown). Crewe is a very friendly dog that just wants someone to pay attention to him and play with him. He's great with every person he meets and seems just fine with kiddos too.  Please give this good boy the second chance he deserves. If you are interested in fostering or adopting this very special boy, please fill out an app right away at

SHR covers all expenses associated with fostering!
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